Did you ever feel like you were about to catch the perfect moment, but the magic just wouldn’t stick around off the drawing board? Caffeinate – and voilà – that photograph, illustration or copy will be rosy fresh and ready to go – up on your Facebook wall, up on your blog or on your company website – at least that’s my trick. If you just add enough coffee and time, there’s really no limit to what can be achieved.

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The coffee based organism

CoffeeBased currently consists of one person - a coffee based organism, who, as it happens, comes with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Cultural Studies as well as a Master’s Degree in Media and Cultural Production. My name is Anette Therén and photography, art, design, content, making and (obviously) coffee are part of my many passions.

I'm one of those people who love to flip around words until they come together perfectly. I love the quirky stuff that gets stuck in between the lines - the little meta messages that tip the scales. I love how we can tell a story in just a few images, or by using the right colors to draw on a sentiment. I'm also nuts for photo editing and adore data structured beautifully in pretty systems where everyone finds their way around and knows which buttons to press to get to that moment of success.

As you've probably guessed, this is my reality shot up on caffeine. Please feel free to browse around and get comfortable. I'll tell you all about my interests, share my photos, sketches and favorite tools, or just cool stuff others have come up with that inspire me. If you like what you see or have any comments, feedback of any kind is always very welcome. If you don’t like something, don’t be shy. Without critique development would just slow down to a crawl, so go ahead and let me know all of your thoughts.

Coffee beans gold

AnetteIf you were to tag me…

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